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guest post – zoey's daddy

my first guest appearance on lancaster lane and i am sure it wont be my last. 
(i am not the writer that your mama is, princess, but i’ll give it a shot.) 
Zoey, i have been your dad for the last ten months of your wonderful life
 and i am so amazed everyday how much you make my life wonderful. 
being your dad isn’t easy, but every moment, good or hard, is more then worth it.
 i have spent many countless hours just watching you enjoy everything around you.
 and i often think about what you will be like when you grow up. 
there are many traits that i pray for you, 
but i trust that God will grow you and refine you in his perfect way. 
my job is to listen and be led, so i can teach and train you what his heart is for your life. 
several months ago i read 50 rules for dads of daughters
(i invite you all to read it)
it touched my heart and i’m praying that God would mold me into that kind of daddy for you. 
today is fathers day, my first one! and it has been amazing so far. 
you and your mama got me some the sweetest gifts.
(your mom is the best most thoughtful gift giver ever) 
you do not know it yet Zo, but you soon will. your daddy loves to fish. 
(and i can not wait for rule #16.)
i hope when that day comes you will fall in love with the water just as much as i have.
i can’t wait to share it with you.
i’m so grateful that we, by God’s grace, have many more fathers days to celebrate together. 
oh the special memories we’ll create.
i love you so very much Zo. 
thank you for loving me as i learn to be a better father today than the one before.

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