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hey batter batter

growing up, going to my older brother’s baseball games was a highlight of the week. Jake (yes! i have a husbandClick to read more »

Easter craftin’

this month has been crazy busy, not unlike every other month :), but  this week I was determined to complete aClick to read more »

5 months of quinn daisy

sisterrrrrrs! this is really the first month that these girls have started to realize the gift that is their sister.Click to read more »

4 months of Quinn Daisy

happy 4 month birthday, Quinny D!Click to read more »

miracle ranch harvest partaaay!

the word “tradition” seems a little silly when you’ve only been at kid life for 3 years, but if youClick to read more »

splish splash quinnie’s getting a bath

confession time – – – this girl didn’t get a real bath until she was over 2 weeks old! dangClick to read more »

the purple slide park

dress || diaper bag || zoey’s dress ahh, those first weeks of september when all the kids are back in schoolClick to read more »

sister, sister

these two sweet girls. you never know what your mama story is going to be. dump trucks and football games, tea partiesClick to read more »

boot scoot boogie

scooter || sandals || hair bows why does scooting around on a jr razor make this girl look like she’s ready toClick to read more »

swing batter batter

jake’s been playing men’s church league softball for 3 summers now and every year zoey loves it a littleClick to read more »

3? now?

3! lucky number 3! three years of concentrated siren singing, four dress changes a day, dimpled grins, daddy’sClick to read more »

party prepping

all the sprinkles in all of the world + late night party hat testing birthday breakfast! + waking up a 3  year old toClick to read more »

camera roll catch up

snugging on baby syd and big sister practice + orbit making my mail dreams come true and my UPS driver hate me evenClick to read more »

manchester shows off

backpack | plaid woven | zoey’s bows | salt waters living on a peninsula, we are in no shortage of gorgeousClick to read more »

fathers day wakeman style

we are a family that firmly believes anything worth celebrating should be done with donuts. i could blame it on myClick to read more »

adding baby girl #2

all my life i’ve wished for these days. the mama moments. when we found out we were expecting #2, the firstClick to read more »

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