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Easter craftin’


untitled-3040this month has been crazy busy, not unlike every other month :), but  this week I was determined to complete a few of the Easter crafts with Zoey I’d been late night binge pinning. I’ve also been trying to get a better handle on this whole two-kid-juggling business! so when Quinn takes her morning nap, I fight for at least 30 minutes of what Zoey calls Zoey-Mommy-Time.

I love art! especially preschool art. we have a pretty large lower cabinet in our kitchen that we try to keep organized and stocked with the art basics so that we have lots to work with. I usually only have to pick up an item or two if we’re trying something new, but on this morning, I had to work with what I had. so we pulled together 3 Easter egg decorating crafts with just what was in the house!



I drew a really lopsided egg shaped oval on some construction paper and armed Zoey with our tray of washi tape and her scissors. I’ve seen a few different versions of this craft but we just kept it simple. she went to town making strips of happy colors and loved trimming up the ends. any excuse to practice her cutting! the edges didn’t have to be perfect because when she was all done, I cut out the oval and wha-la! we’ve been decorating the boarder of our chalkboard with all our crafts and it’s looking all kinds of happy.

(free paint or guided)


easy peasy! I trimmed out 8 egg ovals from water color paper and let Zo go to town! if you’ve tried water colors before and aren’t in love, be sure you’re using water color paper! we love this one from Simply Art – great price pr page. if you follow me on instagram you’ll know how much we love these watercolor cakes! 36 colors in high pigments for a ridiculous price. they’re cheap enough you could buy one a month but we’re going on 6 months with this same pallet and we use it every day.

I tested out a sharpie design on a few to see if she would enjoy painting in the lines. my Zo is quite the perfectionist so it super bothered her when the watercolors bled outside the lines even when she was so careful so we quickly switched over to markers to finish that egg. not quite ready yet 😉 but a fun idea for older kids!

I did draw a design on a larger egg and totally zen-ed out painting it myself. i’ve seen these adult coloring books going around and it’s no joke! a little quality in-between-the-lines time is definitely in order now and again!

we strung up all our small eggs on some bakers twine and hung it up like a little banner. so cute + festive!

(with a pencil or the wad-and-stick method!)


do you remember doing this in elementary school? I loved this craft! i didn’t have any full sheets of tissue paper and thought I was going to have to call it quits at 2 projects and then i saw my rolls and rolls and rolls of left over crepe paper from Zoey’s 3rd birthday party! turns out it’s way less work – and kid inclusive – to just snip off little squares from the strips!

we made a little plate of happy spring colors and did a little trial and error on the best way to wrap + paste. wrapping the square around the end of a pencil was tricky for Zo, but she was so determined! she’d try a few, then take a break and just wad them up with her fingers, dip in a little glue and stick. just as fun! we also tested out a little trick where you cover a sponge in glue so they can just dab instead of soaking their paper! works like a charm. I drew this egg on a piece of chipboard (or the thin cardboard that comes on the back of a ream of construction paper!) so the glue wouldn’t cause tears.

Zoey is an art addict so 30-60 minutes of projects is no where near too much for her! 3 projects in one sitting might overwhelm most, feel free to just try one or break them up! but I wanted to throw these up just in case you need a time filler today while everyone is counting down the minutes to the egg hunts tomorrow morning. have the best Easter weekend, friends! eat a Reese’s egg for me!

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