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ducks and chicks in the world again


we have baby ducks! and baby chicks! and they’re ridiculously cute. we’ve been talking about adding a few more ladies to our chicken flock for a while. while raising them from peeps is a little bit of an undertaking, we had to do it! the idea was how fun it would be to watch the girls with baby birds but who are we kidding. i wanted to hold a peep!Β I did have a little joey/chandler moment walking out of the store with a box of ducks in one hand and a box of chicks in the other.



we were a little spontaneous in our poultry purchase. we had known we wanted to do chicks and had talked about how fun it would be to get ducks, but we hadn’t made any great plans. standing in the middle of Tractor supply with Jake and Zoey giving me the puppy eyes for ducks, we had to come up with a plan real fast. most brooder ideas look something like a makeshift cage out of a rabbit hutch or kiddie pool but i knew this business would be happening in my laundry room. we were looking at all kinds of crazy expensive galvanized tubs when Jake said, pretty sure i can whip up a pretty decent cage with a few 2x2s. and sure enough ^^ that guy floats my DIY boat.


we’ve officially had these birds for 2 weeks today and I can’t wait to show you how big they are now. the chicks grow at a normal rate, but ducks? they’re on steroids. they’re GIANT! just wait. you’ll see.


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