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a beautiful mess

what. a. mess.
but it’s our mess! 
and it’s beautiful. 
a little over 3 weeks ago this sweet little trailer met it’s dirty end. good riddence. 
while jake, zoey and i were off playing in californian sun, my dad, playing the part of ty pennington, was texting photos and videos of phase one of our extreme home makeover. 
(except for the part where we never had to live in this place. praise the Lord.) 
we did get a chance to sneak up late one night for a commemorative picture before it became recycled materials. (please ignore the desperate need for root touch up. it was a busy month and has since been taken care of πŸ˜‰
since then, we’ve put in some serious blood, sweat, and muscles.
short of massive allergy attacks i’m still not convinced i’ll survive, it has been an incredible experience.
i hate. pulling weeds. i enjoy looking at flowers, i’m not head over heals about planting and tending to them. jake’s the yard guy, i’ll decorate it πŸ™‚
but serious property demo? taking unloved land and turning it into backyard? my backyard? that i can get into. 
something changes when you’re creating a legacy with your best friend. it means more. 
so, this might not look like much to you. or maybe you’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about. but that’s okay. it’s our home. we’re pretty excited. 

 there is more green in this post than anything i’ve ever done before πŸ™‚ bare with me. succulents, farmhouse tables, amazing exposed beams in vaulted ceilings, a beautiful little girl room and a bright white kitchen to come. 

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