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dressing you might be my favorite part of the day. 
i can’t control your cuteness. i’ve stoped trying. it seeps out of every tiny inch of you. 
i think the best part is hunting for special things from unlikely places.
thrift stores.
little boys’ sections.
your mama’s closet.
i think i’ve lost count of how many of my own clothing items i’ve cut up to create something new for you.
probably the very best purpose they’ve had in the history of ever.  
my favorite of your styles is never the 3 piece outfits that came on one hanger. 
it’s the little get ups like this one. 
easy. comfy. and stop what you’re doing cute. 
this is gonna be fun zo.
can’t wait to teach you the art of a great thrift. or a fabulous diy. 
dressing you might always be my favorite part of the day.
i kinda can’t wait to see what you come up with the day you tell me you’re going to start dressing yourself. 
but with a daddy like yours and a mama like me.
i’m not worried.
whether it’s styled to the nines, or absolutely crazy.
it’s in your genes to pull it off.
loving every minute of this life with pretty girl. 

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