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your little piece of land

lancaster lane.
that’s your lane, love.
that’s the name of the street you will grow up on.
the address you’ll learn how to write.
the sign you’ll stand under waiting for your daddy’s car to turn the corner home. 

this is the baby apple tree that lives there now. 
waiting for us to come tend it. and love it. and read stories under it. 
i can’t help but think about this story. 
and how you might grow up with your own little tree. 
(but much more loving & much less selfish) 

this silly house is there right now. 
we’ll make sure to move it before we move in. 
i know it’s not much to look at yet but something you should learn little love,
many of great things, and Great People come from humble beginnings. 

these are the trees you’ll learn to climb in,
way too high for your mama’s heart. 

and the forrest where you’ll build all the best forts. 
(your daddy can’t wait to build you your own special spot.)

and the blackberries we’ll pick and snack on and bake yummy goodies with. 

this is the big blue sky you’ll look up at from your back 
in the grass where you’ll dream all your big dreams. 

take a good look little zo. this is your home. 

these are the paper boxes right at the front of your land.
those are some very special numbers. 
don’t worry if you can’t remember them yet.
we have lots of time to practice. 

these are the mail boxes you’ll walk down to. 
waiting for special letters from far away pen pals. 
sending lovely mail to people you hold dear. 
those little red flags. sigh. 
don’t ever grow too old that your heart doesnt flutter at those little red flags. 
little secret? that will be my very first post box with a little red flag too. 
super excited. the very best home for mail. 

this is your street.
the street we’ll take walks down in your stroller.
the road you’ll run down to your grandma’s house.
the street with the speed bump you’ll ride your bike over. 
the lane you’ll sled down in snowy winters. 
just like your mama did. on that very same street.
 when she was little, just like you. 
this, little zo, this will be your home. 

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