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you call 8 hours with my label maker wasted time?

oh my goodness.
these last 6 months have been absolute madness selling our house. but praise the Lord, we did it.
well, it’s currently under contract. if all goes as planned we will close on/before may 17th.

bummed about my blogging absence during the craziness. but excited to share and document this next season!

now for the fun part! packing! and no. there is zero sarcasm in my fingers.
i love this part πŸ™‚
a chance to organize my entire house into boxes? there could be files… folders… labels… color coordination…

how well acquainted are you with monica from the television show friends?
well, when it comes to organizing, that would be me.

i don’t do waiting well πŸ™‚ working on it.
but in the middle time while waiting to hear if this deal will go through, i’m taking the chance to
plan out this pack + move ahead of time so the real deal can go as seamlessly as possible.

if you’ve ever moved, you know that the boxes you pack will be taped well, clearly labeled and end up in their correct space. but the friends, family and husband you have helping you may not work under those same standards πŸ™‚
when we moved into this house, i unpacked many boxes with some version of “stuff from the kitchen” written on the outside in my husband’s handwriting. love him.

this move is a little trickier. we’re in the process of building our new home and staying with family until it’s completed. that means packing a limited amount of necessities to move with us and most everything else will be stored. any help in keeping the process organized (and excuse to make a new chart) i’ll take.

here’s the chart i created to walk me through the planning of this move room by room:
and here’s a printable version of every room for you!
if you have a room i didn’t create a worksheet for and you’d like it, leave a comment and i’ll add it for you!

(feel free to Pin It! for your next move!) 
jake and i did this together so that I could pack while he was at work and not end up in 6 months with a few “wait, what? you gave that away??” to deal with. it’s a really great opportunity to be on the same page and talk through any big items that we want/don’t want to take with us to our new place and life. 
in the give away column, i add who the item is going to on its line so i can keep track.
[  ]   white bookcase – laraa 
absolutely love that giant check box at the bottom. 
when you’ve packed an entire room? you deserve it. check that box. 
as i go, i’m also adding post-its to items that wont fit in boxes.
seeing lots of unboxed items makes me feel like i’m not making progress. this helps πŸ™‚ 
also hoping it eliminates lots of “hey, where is this going?” questions day-of. 
and, just in case. you know, so we don’t forget. 

lots more packing tips and free printables to come! feel free to share any killer ideas you’ve loved with me! 
  • Ashley Brickner - I'm a crazy organizer, too … So I totally feel ya! LOVE your charts … thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - yes! we have to stick together, us crazies πŸ™‚ so welcome! hope you enjoy them!


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