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puyallup, wa || wakeman’s do the puyallup

if you grew up in washington, you’ve said and heard “do the puyallup” all your life. a few years back our fair became the state fair. and while, hurray! “do the puyallup” doesn’t work when it’s not it’s name anymore. “do the washington state fair” just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. sorry WSF.
you’ll always be the puyallup fair to us.
we look forward to the fair every year like christmas. draft horse shows and cheering for your favorite wagon. earthquake burgers, krusty pups, and seattle’s best fudge to eat with the plastic knife and cut your tongue ever dang time. aisles and aisles and aisles of steam mops, sham wows and real life informercials to take free samples from. it hasn’t lost its touch. in fact, everything is more fun when you have your own babe to show all your favorite parts to.
we went early on a wednesday morning to beat the heat. zo wasn’t quite herself but loved every minute in her own cute way. we decided to attempt the giant slide with her and jake said she was silent the entire way up the steps and the entire way down the slide. when they got to the bottom, with the most serious face she can make she told him, “let’s do it again dad.” πŸ˜‰
these are the big days we love. they don’t come every week, but when we get to spend a whole day as a family, out of our own little world, soaking up all the fun we can, we take it. and it’s the best.
I always know fall is near and summer is coming to an end after the fair comes to town. and this year, i’m ready for it. I’m ready for the slow and the quiet. crafts and cuddles and cups of yummy hot treats. Β  Β I’m ready for lots of reasons to get together with the ones we love and celebrate.
here’s to summer 2014, you’ve been oh so good to us!
  • Ashley Austin - As a Puyallup native, it will always be the Puyallup fair to me too. Although now I live on the East side of the state and haven't made it over for the fair since college. Your pictures are beautiful as always and that sweet little girl looks like she had fun!ReplyCancel

    • erinfwakeman - right?? always the Puyallup πŸ˜‰ ohh you must come back and do it again! it just hasn't felt like the end of summer to us if we don't get our booties over there, even if it's on the very last day πŸ˜‰ thank you so much for your sweet words and your comment! we had such a good time! ReplyCancel

  • Valerie - Bubbles and Gold - These pictures are phenomenal. Our local state fair is hour hours away (bummer) but seeing their advertisements makes me want to goooooooooo and experience it. ReplyCancel

    • erinfwakeman - oh, thank you Valerie! shoot dang that yours is so far away! it definitely is such a fun experience. i'm thinking, road trip!! πŸ˜‰ thank you for reading! xoReplyCancel

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