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if you would have asked me to define the word seasons before I became a mama, I would have simply answered, “spring, summer, fall and winter.” not only do I now use it more than my own name, but the word has taken on an entirely new meaning. i’ve come to realize that motherhood is best described as a collection of a thousand different little seasons. you know the kinds I’m talking about. seasons that ask you what kind of mama you’re going to become. seasons that require the hard lessons of advocating for your tiny baby. and seasons of finding who you are as a person in the midst of diapers and play dates.
in that first pregnancy season your days are full of dressing your sweet and ever growing bump while creating perfect tiny outfits all over the nursery floor. then there’s the brand new mama season of the comfiest pants, all the dry shampoo in the world, yesterdays mascara and enough decaf coffee to convince yourself you’re awake. but somewhere after that season comes this larger, longer one. where you have these days of trying to remember who you used to be when you wore a clean shirt each and every day. so you put on clothes from pre-baby days and they just don’t fit. physically or emotionally. so you try the flowy, never clingy target tee and nothing about that reflection makes you feel happy inside. so you decide that maybe it’s time. time to weed out your closet, evaluate your make-up stash and start figuring out what your mama style is going to be.
don’t get me wrong. my mama style often looks like yoga skinnies and my fav hello sweatshirt. but I hit a point where I needed to create a new version of what I wanted to feel like at morning library time or a on a play date followed by grocery shopping. a new season where I finally had a brief section in the morning where I could choose an outfit and pull together a quick 5-minute face. i can’t tell you how many times it’s changed or how many hormone-induced dressing room meltdowns I had at the beginning. but slowly, over time, i started to feel like myself again. a new and improved mama version. i traded in my low rises for the, hands to the heavens, currently trendy higher rises. the slightly uncomfortable and high maintenance tops for easy to wear, but beautiful sweaters and blouses. and the you’re-kidding-me-ly small busted, too short dresses for gorgeous, lush fabric pieces like this blue Margot Dress from Shabby Apple.
when this dress arrived on my door I threw it on instantly. the first words out of my mouth to Jake were, “I seriously feel like I’m wearing the most luxurious hotel robe!” to which he responded, “I’m guessing a dress is a winner when it feels like a robe and looks like a million bucks?” all I needed to hear. I knew I wanted to plan our family photos around this dress and for a mama? it’s magic. wrinkle free, soft as a bunny, the perfect thickness for fall and breathes like a dream. do you guys know I’m 5’10” and some centimeters? not easy to find a dress of comfortable and appropriate length, let alone one you can chase your toddler around the playground in without raising your arms like a t-rex to avoid flashing the other mamas your unmentionables. no? just a tall girl problem?
I can’t say enough good things about what embracing this season has done for my heart. we are mamas, yes. but we’re also women. and we need to allow ourselves little bits of time and attention for pulling ourselves together to feel confident when we step out the front door. really, not much is about you these days. and while we wouldn’t want it any other way, I think it’s okay to give yourself permission to throw away those college tees. donate those jeans that make you feel anything less than happy. try on someone else’s style for a day and see how it fits. start the slow but so rewarding process of discovering yourself within your motherhood. go easy on yourself with lots of grace, and i promise it’s so worth it.
photo credit to the amazing Becca Rich of Lady and Gent Photography
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Erin: hat // dress c/o // boots (Buckle old, similar)
Jake: raglan (simliar) // jeans
Zoey: dress // bow // belt // boots
This post is sponsored by Shabby Apple and, as always, is 100% my own opinion. Thank you for supporting the companies that make blogging possible for me and my family!


  • Melanie Hanson - This post resonates with me so much from a fashion/lifestyle standpoint. Being a new mom I totally felt that "I LOVE my sweet boy, but who the heck am I now?" inner turmoil. As you know, the Buckle wardrobe lifestyle is/was TRULY a lifestyle – and in my sweet little mind I was sure that would never change for me as it was an element of my career that I was so, so passionate about. But in reality, layers on layers and jangles of bojangles just was NOT mama-friendly. Thank goodness for ready to wear, classic pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and still make us look and feel (a little) fancy. Beautiful dress! Beautiful mama.ReplyCancel

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