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“you were called to freedom, brothers. only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve on another. for the whole law is fulfilled in one word: ‘you shall love your neighbor as yourself.'” – galations 5:13
what a blast and a blessing it is to serve someone who was planning on serving you. 
what started out as a last minute idea, taking treats to our flight crews, turned into something i looked forward to stepping on each plane. 
(if you have no idea what i’m talking about, catch up here and here)
here’s what i want you to learn little zo.
it’s always more fun to give. 
because even if you get something in return, the real gift is in the look on their face. 
the one that says,
i can’t believe you thought of me.
this is exactly what i needed today.
sometimes i wonder if anyone notices.
you’ll never know what this means to me. 
those are the looks we’re going for.
we love them because we have been Loved. 
flight 1 of 4 was the biggest response. 
it made my heart a little sad, really. that they were so surprised to receive our tiny gift. 
i lost count of how many times we heard, ‘no one ever does this.’ 
we were so loved on.
so much checking in. tending to any needs we might have. 
half way through the flight, your two biggest fans brought you a safety information card.
completely signed, cover to cover with notes from the entire crew wishing you congratulations on your first flight. hoping you enjoyed it. asking you to fly again.
(they made sure i knew they knew i’d want it for your baby book)
they invited you into the flight deck when the plane had landed 
to take some photos with the captain. 
what. a. privilege.
you clearly had no idea where you were, but the lights were fascinating. 
bells and buttons and buzzers everywhere. 
the captain (who bares a striking resemblance to jack mcbrayer from 30 rock) 
was thrilled to have you sit in his seat.
they searched high and low for wings to give you
but their generous hearts were more than enough gift.
each crew was so thankful. so grateful. so surprised.
sending free tv + movies or extra attention our way. 
we give with no expectation, tiny girl.
never to receive. 
that’s part of what makes return acts of kindness so special.
we would have been more than satisfied knowing we helped sparkle their day.
so thankful to these crews who want to sparkle ours. 
– – – – –
a giant thank you to Frontier Airlines for their giant hearts, extra understanding, 
superb generosity and utmost dedication to our safety and security while in air.
we are completely grateful for all you do and going above and beyond to make zoey faye’s first flights unforgettable.  

  • Cindy - Sweet story, Erin. How do you think of these things? πŸ™‚ May God bless your kindness a hundred fold.
    Cindy (Baylee's Mom's best friend)ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - Cindy! so sweet of you to read our little blog!!

      oh man, these ideas are just rolling around in this crazy brain at night, keeping me up until i do them!!

      so blessed to read your sweet comment πŸ™‚ praying you have a wonderful day!

      (maybe we'll see you at Baylee + sweet baby H's shower?)


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