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here we go! this is what flew with little girl and i on the plane. somethings i would have done differently and somethings i’ll swear by. i’ll walk you through it. 
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usually my diaper bag is my purse. for the flights there, i separated out my things from hers, one bag each. praise Jesus i was flying with my dad because it was way too many things to carry. on the return flights, i shoved my purse in my checked bag and recombined our things in one bag. way more successful. 
turns out i didn’t need most of my things anyway. who was i kidding. a personal book to read? very funny. reapplying make-up? think again. time on a plane with a 4 month old looks very different than killing solo time. all hands on deck. feel free to leave that scarf you were hoping to finish on the plane at home. 

the essentials. 
diaper bag – i use the Skip Hop Versa bag. love it. no really, i do. its a great mix between a bag and a purse, big enough for all the essentials, with extra outfits too (which somehow didn’t make it in the photos. but pack them). bonus, it’s not so girly that zo’s daddy won’t carry it around.
diapers – pack these in excess and in larger sizes. having zo in a size up meant no blow outs in the teeny tiny seat. big win. we only had to change one messy diaper on the plane, no idea how you’d do that without knowing the person next to you. if you don’t? you’ll get friendly real fast. 
wipes – i had a full pack. super handy, especially for any babies who have snacks and drinks. we weren’t quite there yet. 
burp cloths – one would have been sufficient for us but my little isn’t a spitter.
breast feeding cover – oh man. this was my flying accessory. some of you won’t care to expose it all, i preferred to make as few more enemies than i had to. i put this on when i sat down and didn’t take it off until we landed. incredibly handy to have a ready made ‘bottle’ at any and all times it was needed. breastfeeding for the win. 

our liquids:
reading up before hand said i didn’t need to take these out of my bag at security. wrong. both trips they asked for them. the second time, i was ready. it’s just good practice to keep these under 3oz and in an easily accessibly Ziploc bag. you can fight for your rights if you want (they’re not allowed to limit ‘medicine’ which is any necessary baby item), i preferred to just buy travel sizes and not rock the boat. the TSA line isn’t my choice arena. 
tylenol – i don’t dish this out often, but i did twice on the plane. sitting in a confined seat, not being able to easily stand, not enough room to cuddle zoey in a traditional fashion, teething was not another battle i wanted to fight. enter tylenol. 
diaper cream – mama fail. the first leg, i let her sit in a dirty diaper for about 20 minutes until we landed because, well, it was easier. by the time i got her to the airport changing table, she had a rash. (side note: we struggle with very acidic stool, i don’t think most babies would rash up this quickly) oh man, was i grateful i had diaper cream. especially our favorite friend-tested-and-approved organic California Baby. zoey and her bum were happy as a clam. 
aquaphor – i ended up using this as a back up diaper cream on our trip to boost the California Baby. but it surprisingly came in handy as a little chapstick for zoey’s lips that dried out! either from the plane altitude or the missouri weather, i’m not sure but aquaphor softened them right back up.
mylocon drops – instant. gas. relief. and? there completely harm free. my pediatrician in fact believes that just the slightly sugary taste can be a placebo effect and help calm a baby down. no harm, no foul. i never had to bust them out, but i would have if i had to. 
scented diaper bags – oh man. if you’re anything like me and incredibly conscious of the people around you this is a life saver. i have to work at not overly worrying about inconveniencing anyone around me so having a lovely smelling bag to seal up a stinky diaper was just one less thing to worry about. like i said before, don’t ask your attendants to dispose of these. rude. stuff it in your diaper bag and toss it out at the airport. 

hats + gloves: i never ended up needing the gloves, it wasn’t super cold in missouri. but we used that little hat e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. most importantly, those dang jet ways. they get so backed up, and at 6am  (or anytime of day in Denver, CO) they’re freezing! you’re basically standing outside. so having a hat handy to pull over my little’s ears was a lifesaver.

toys/rattles/teethers – yup. we packed all of these. and they fit. zoey’s super attached to that Manhattan toy, so we defaulted to that almost every time. but depending on the entertainment need of your child, i don’t think this is overboard.

Hape Little Plane – of course we needed a souvenir for zo’s first airplane trip. this little guy was just the thing. so cute. the airport employees died over how sweet it was. it’s made out of maple wood and water based paint, completely child safe. and, the little wings flap! love it. 

books : while zo’s still a little young to be super into these, it was nice to have something else to grab her attention. i used them more on layovers than in the air, but really handy. i would recommend anywhere from 1-3 depending on your baby’s interest. 

Ergo baby carrier: lifesaver! i packed zoey in this from the car to the airplane seat. this is by far our favorite carrier second only to the Moby for those first few months. it’s soft enough that she can comfortably look around or doze off and be completely safe and supported. my back and shoulders didn’t ache a bit and it’s a breeze to take on and off. having her here left my hands free to pull/carry bags, hold my ticket/ID information, eat a quick snack, etc. 
a friend of mine gave me this sweet little saddle for Sophie and it was amazing! we hooked her up for the ride on one side and tethered zo’s pacifier to the other and she was set. we were safe from picking up fallen toys or losing precious binky’s everywhere we went. definitely a must. z could keep herself completely entertained while i was busy putting my shoes back on and everyone was happy. 

this is how we rolled. again, i recommend one carry on bag if possible, but if you have an older child and need more room for toys/snacks/etc, they definitely allow you a second. maybe look into a larger backpack of sorts? having less things to keep track on the return trip was huge. 

you may have read in this post that i also stuck 2 of these sweet treats+notes in our bag each way for our flight crews. it was a total hit! i’ll share the reactions and results from our amazing attendants next. 

you may be wondering why you only see three here when i had four legs of flights. wellll, i got a little sweet tooth while packing and may or may not have opened the fourth box. 
my jake didn’t seem surprised when i called him and asked him to pick up another box after work to replace the mysteriously missing box of chocolates. 

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