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on tuesday, little miss, you and i are leaving on a jet plane to visit your aunt kate and her should-be-arriving-any-day-now first baby Lucas. this will be my first ever time taking a tiny baby on a giant airplane. and clearly, your very first sky ride. i’m pretty excited about it. we got our suitcases out today to try them out for size. silly zoey. you can’t be my carry on.

but, i am nothing if not a preparer. we have lots to do to get ready for our trip. it’s time to start accessing the situation. researching regulations. planning for packing.

how do you fly with with a four month old? we’ll learn together πŸ™‚

know your airline | i had heard rumors that babies need to show a birth certificate at security to verify their age (over 2 years requires their own seat). turns out, this is different per airline. after researching my airport website, the TSA flying with children webpage and our airline’s family flying facts here’s what i’ve learned. TSA doesn’t care, but your airline might. Frontier, who we’re flying, doesn’t. however, southwest does. bottom line? check. or be an over prepared mama like me and bring one anyway.

to carry or not to carry on | the rules for Frontier are this. each adult is allowed 1 carry on + 1 personal item. if traveling with an infant you are allowed an infant bag in addition to the previous two. that equals, count them, 3 bags. (not sure if we’ll need all 3 just yet)

be organized | plan out what you need for you. for the baby. account for weather. fold and lay things out. run game plans through your head of possible scenarios. (i’ll walk you through my version of this process in part 2.) today was spent going through your clothes zogirl. you’re 4 months big tomorrow. and perfectly in the middle of sizes. 3 month treasures are too little. 6 month is still a little big. may be time to do a little shopping.

think outside the box | airplanes don’t have great changing tables, if they have one at all. go a size up on the diaper for the trip. a tiny airplane seat with no place to run is not the ideal location for a blowout.

be considerate | babies get a bad rap. not all littles cry and scream and make a 2 hour flight seem like a lifetime. but sometimes it’s the little things that get on nerves. don’t bring toys that make obnoxious + loud sounds. bring scented poo bags to wrap up and dispose of your own diapers. flight attendants can’t and shouldn’t have to throw away your mess. consider bringing a small gift to offer the flight crew as a thank you in advance for their understanding of your little’s potential rough ride.

since it’s the holidays, zoey and i decided what better treat to share than Macy’s delicious Franco’s chocolates. cute. small. individually packaged so great for sharing. flight attendants won’t trust homemade goodies so be intentional about something securely packaged. we have a layover both ways so that means 4 flight crews. i attached a cute little tag to our goodies. service industry folks rarely hear thank you’s. and it’s always a great season to be grateful, but especially at Christmas.

i’ll make it easy for you! here’s a free printable for your next flight with your mini. 
every day + holiday version

what are your baby flying tips we can’t leave home without? 

  • Nicole Schauer - Erin I'm so glad I found your blog! We're taking Harps on her first plane ride in a couple months and I'm in desperate need of tips and ideas, especially since it is a 16 hour flight : I really love the idea of a little treat for the airline staff, thanks for the printable! Nicole Schauer πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - holy smokes! six.teen. hours. there should be a medal waiting for you at the end. you're going to do great! the only thing i think i would change now is snacks, snacks, and oh yeah more snacks!

      can't wait to see this new, blessed little boy coming your way πŸ™‚

      love your sweet family!

  • Shanna - Erin,

    I love this blog! Thank you for sharing yours and Jake's little Zoey with all of us. I can see that Zoey is starting a pay it forward trend that is going to spread quickly. You are a beautiful, wonderful mother teaching your daughter the importance of thinking about others and enjoying the blessings received from loving on others. You have always been that type of child and now are a loving, caring adult. I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life watching you grow along with your precious little girl.

    I know Jesus is smiling on you and your family. It only takes one to bring the love of our Lord to the world, and I can see you are doing just that.

    God bless you, Jake, and Zoey,


    • erin faye - thanks so much Shanna!! you're such a blessing to me and our little family as well as my big family too!

      it was so sweet getting to be a part of celebrating your special day and union! praying you're all doing so well!


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