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jake’s been playing men’s church league softball for 3 summers now and every year zoey loves it a little bit more. the first thing I say on thursday mornings when i go in to get her out of her bed is, ‘it’s softball dayyyy!’ and she immediately starts packing her backpack with all her ball field essentials. yesterday was jake’s last game of the season and i won’t even pretend like we aren’t all super bummed to leave the bleacher balancing, solo cheerleading, take me out to the ballgame singing, grape snacking, post-game park playing, fro-yo celebrating tomfoolery behind until next summer.

untitled-8729untitled-8717untitled-8735untitled-8739untitled-8714zoey practiced all summer at her stop, drop and focus game when daddy got up to bat. watching a smirk squeak across jake’s face as he waited for his pitch with an incredibly distracting “go! daddy! go!” chanting from behind him is always my very favorite part of the night. well, that or stealing kisses through the chainlink.

because this was the last game of the season, two of the three fields were empty when the game ended so we hit the dirt to run some bases. for the most part zoey is all girl, but the lady knows how to keep up when it’s time to play. “just like the Mariners do, mom?” just like that babe. i lost count of how many times she rounded third belting out daniel tiger’s “so run run run all the bases, and wave to the smiling faces, I can catch and throw really far, because I’m a famous baseball staaaaar!”


i tried to savor every last minute of sitting + watching this season because i have this pesky little feeling that come this time next year, i’ll be doing more chasing around two girls than fine-tuning my sideline heckles. I can’t wait to see this big sister with her built in best friend, teaching her all the things, showing her all the ropes. lately she’s started telling me that she just needs a buddy and all I can say is, ‘working on it, babe!’ 3 weeks and counting!


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