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sunny summer reads

oh my word. can you say busy much? loving all this summer sun! but with the heat comes the crazy busy πŸ™‚ i might maybe may be dreaming of scarves and schedules. just saying.

now that zoey is coming up on a year, she’s super into books. and if you know me even a little, you know i completely geek. out. when it comes to children’s books. being exposed to so many incredible selections and authors was my #1 favorite part of getting my early childhood education degree.

for zoey’s current level they need to be pretty interactive, short and durable, but she’s loving them. i keep a small amount of books within her reach near her toy area where she can pull them out to read herself. we’ve been loving our library’s baby song/play time this summer! if you haven’t checked to see if your library does this, run. so great for your little’s social skills, literary skills and a great chance to get everyone out of the house. before we leave every week, i return last weeks books and check out at least 5 new ones to keep zo’s interest and excitement about reading peeked.

i love including seasonal or somehow relevant books into our day! if i know we’re going on a trip to the zoo or beach, i’ll place a few animal or beach books on hold in advance or search for some while i’m there. zoey’s still a little young to reap the full benefits of connecting literacy to our life in this way, but it’s never to early to start!

here’s some of our current faves!

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  • Jessica Whitman-Horton - We are pretty obsessed with books around here too! And love our story time at the library! That is a great idea about getting books that have to do with fun places you are going! Xo!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Staples - Okay, I'm dying over the Pantone color book. I was eyeing it at B&N a while ago . . . must get!!ReplyCancel

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