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step up your gratitude game

i’m a firm believer in random acts of kindness. i’m a lifelong convert of the art of generosity. 
it’s not just because i believe that all people need to be reminded that they are loved. 
the real secret to the random acts is — the one who really receives the most? is you. 
we’ve been making a lot of clatter these last few months in the new hood. early morning nail guns. late night tractor hauls. if our neighbors aren’t annoyed with us yet, 1. they are saints. or 2. they may be our new hard of hearing friends. we wave when we see them. and we smile and reintroduce ourselves many times. but especially this holiday season, it was time to step up our gratitude game. 
thanks to a little hoarding and stashing around the beginning of the holiday season, i had a few extra bags of these bad boys on hand. 
(seriously? we love every color. tiny seasonal chips make me giddy.) 
with a little help from my tiniest baker and bakers twine unwinder, we put together a few boxes of tangible, edible thank yous.
the best kind of thank you, undoubtedly. 
we have a lot of construction inspiration laying around these days. but when jake asked why i needed to use the rest of his caution tape roll and he heard my reason, i earned the ever so reoccurring smile, head shake, and sigh. love you babe! 

 after living on the same street for the last 7 years and meeting most of our neighbors on moving day (that’s moving out day) we were committed to learning how to love this new community. it’s where life happens. on the street while your kids ride bikes together. 
mowing lawn hour on saturday mornings. summer night popsicle parties and cups of sugar shared. 
its in those moments we learn about each other. and find out where the real needs are, if we’re listening. 
headband || scarf || similar jacket || leggings || c/o Freshly Picked moccasins 

and even if none of that happens outside of a 50’s black and white movie and my imagination, it will change YOUR heart. and your littles will learn to think outside themselves. and you get to lick the spoon. and that, friends. is worth every chip baked.
  • Nicole Schauer - Hey! Those cookies look… you should totally share the recipe if it's not top secret πŸ˜‰ Also I love this idea, it is so sweet and would be so much fun to include the kiddos on. I know Harps would love it. Cookies shared with new friends? She's sold πŸ˜‰ReplyCancel

  • Jill Kaney - I wish I was your neighbor.. And not just for the cookies πŸ™‚ you're adorable!ReplyCancel

  • katherine marie - you are awesome beyond awesome!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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