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splish splash quinnie’s getting a bath


confession time – – – this girl didn’t get a real bath until she was over 2 weeks old! dang umbilical cords, they’re so finicky. she may have had a little extra toe jam but we cleaned her right up. zoey hated her first bath! she gave us the best grump face the entire time until we finally gave her a pacifier. i’ll never forget the picture i have of her sucking on her binky, so mad at the world, little fists clenched right by her cheeks, sitting in the sink on her pink sponge while we soaped her up.

quinnie d was so opposite! she couldn’t have been more chill. the differences and similarities between these two girls is constantly cracking me up and taking me on a serious trip down memory lane.


this big sister. all the heart eyes. we try to carve out some special time each day for just us. even if it’s just 5 minutes with the twisty crayons. she never fails to say the sweetest thing, so thankful for our time just us two. (most) the rest of the minutes of the day her sister pride is so strong. she’s the first to put the binky back in quinn’s mouth, so concerned any time she cries, and the very best at getting sweet coos and smiles. so thankful this transition has been so smooth. so thankful for her big helpful heart and patience.


after you’ve been to one rodeo, you know the things that count for round two. a soft hairbrush for the baby born with all the black hair, the softest cushy towel, and gentle, sweet smelling soaps. I had never used Mustela before having quinn but their Foam Shampoo for Newborns + postpartum products for mamas have been my absolute favorite! i’m not a fan of strongly scented products when these squishy newbies smell so amazing and for such a short time! but Mustela is so gentle, it’s been so hydrating to her skin without being overpowering and all i want to do is sniff and snuggle her all day long. no wonder my pile of laundry is ever-growing, can I blame chores on good skin care products? 🙂


oh sweet girl. our life is a little crazier and busier now that you’ve arrived, but doubly sweet and triple the joy. i knew i would say it, and it’s true. i can’t imagine our little world without you.



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