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sister, sister


these two sweet girls. you never know what your mama story is going to be. dump trucks and football games, tea parties and lemonade stands? each of these little people, so full of life and love and with a future so bright and a blank story book waiting to be filled. my heart aches to know who they’ll be come. what kinds of lives they’ll lead. in the wee nursing hours of the morning i find myself wandering between daydreams of years to come and prayers of how i’ll be the mama they need with the wisdom they deserve. so thankful that there’s grace for both. these two sweet girls. i can only imagine how they’ll watch the world change and what kinds of challenges they’ll face. what kinds of advances they’ll experience. but to know they have each other, the strength of sisters, to support and love, guide and encourage each other long after I’m gone, my heart is full of such peace. these two girls. so tiny. so precious. my future, my dream and my legacy. such big things await you, sweetΒ girls. so grateful to be a part of your story.


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