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seventeen months. seventeen months ago you turned it all upside down. 
the way we see life, the way we celebrate holidays. the reasons we make the decisions we’re making. 
they all changed because of you. 
we made a new friend at the pediatricians office this month. you are measuring in at 98% for your height and 54% for your weight. tall and skinny, never would have guessed you’d be any different. these little heart pants on your bum? they’re 2T little one. 

your little word bank is growing out of control. there’s not many points you can’t get across these days!
its all about the adjectives right now. bumpy. heavy. bright.
at any given point in any day, we’ll find you listing every member of your family. especially your baby cousins, with an extra little emphasis on the end. kobiiiii. kaiiii. conorrrr. ellieeee. lucasss.
you’re quiet infatuated with noah. and his ark. but mostly just noah. we have a little magnet and can usually find him tucked away safely in your palm.
you’ve just started reading your books to us. i found out by accident one night while sleepily turning pages without reading words. and you jumped right in.
you said i love you for the first time this month. it slayed me. “lub yeuww”. the very best words my ears have ever heard. combined with holding faces with both hands when you give kisses? we’re just a big melted puddle most the time. 
food doesn’t hold that much importance in our day these days. 
pretzels, raisins, baby oranges. those are the stuff dreams are made of.
it might be why you’re only weighing in just above twenty pounds, but we don’t break for real meals much. lots of yogurt, lots of fruit and you’re good to go. 
there’s not much you’re not into lately. the world is at your fingertips and you’re ready to discover it! 
due to an inopportune incident involving a tee shirt with a devilishly unstretchy collar, you’re now terrified of putting shirts over your head, lest they get stuck. so we play peek-a-boo, all day every day, to get clothing over your head. this too shall pass. 
oh, you are all about the activities. “culla” (color) “pee-doh” (play dough) “baffs” (baths) “daw” (draw), you name it. in fact, you decided you’d like to be potty trained and after a few weeks of sitting on the real potty, we gave in and bought you a zoey potty for christmas. your welcome :).
every few hours you look at us and say, “try?” yes baby. lets go try. and lo and behold, you’re peeing on a big girl potty. 
your grammy gave you a baby doll for christmas and you’re the sweetest little mama i’ve ever seen. besides aggressively putting her in her high chair, you cuddle, rock and feed her. shove her down the front of your pajamas to “wear her?”. and take her with us everywhere we go. 
you’re a dancer, an artist, a lover, a snuggler, a talker, a snacker, and the best thing this mama’s ever done. love you so much my not so tiny girl. so so much. 

  • Karra Tipton - She is just the sweetest! Love that color on her and her little piggies πŸ™‚

  • Jessica Whitman-Horton - She is so gorgeous! Those dimples are the best!! And I think you have a smarty pants on your hands!! It's so crazy to me how every day has multiple new words, I am SO in love with this age!!! Xo!!ReplyCancel

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