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one little year older

all summer long i’ve been itching to use that picnic basket and that favorite quilt for a picnic in the park
(i got close with our tummy photos here)
so yesterday, after a few hours of zoey birthday baby snuggles and an extra yummy breakfast by our best guy, your daddy surprised me with my summer picnic.
he packed up homemade sandwiches, salads, snacks and desserts while i packed up you 
and our little family made the little trek down to our favorite park. 

you missed a good chunk of dinner time being cozy in your seat. 
but its okay. 
it gave your daddy and i time to enjoy each other and great conversation in the perfect setting sun. 

three things you should know about your mama zo.
1. i love hoodies
2. i love athletic wear.
3. and i really love coral. 
your daddy has the best taste in birthday presents. 
this year he decided to start a new litte wakeman birthday tradition. 
(i love traditions too)
scratch tickets! one for every year older you are. 
your daddy had a great time laughing at me scratching off twenty five $1 tickets.
it’s just so fun to win! 

best. birthday. yet.

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