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my little helper

look at you surrounded in all that childhood glory.
we have officially started to pack up this house zoey. i haven’t quite filled you in on all the details yet, but this house that we brought you home to is just the beginning. we have quite the future in store for you. it’s a little bit easy to be sad that this house you slept your first night in, the room i changed your first diaper in, that nursery i spent so many days making beautiful, wont be the house you grow up in. but then i remember things to come. the plans Jesus has already started laying out. the legacy we’re creating for you. and i know that this house is just a house. your home is with us. wherever Jesus takes us.

there are so many great things we’re taking with us for you. things from my childhood with your auntie kate that are waiting for you to get big. real toys. toys that don’t light up and play music but toys that inspire imagining. dreaming. creating. dramatizing. thinking. 

i’m working on this dollhouse for you. i have been before i knew you were ours. it’s in a little sad shape right now, i rescued it from some crazy preschoolers who didn’t know how to love toys. slowly, i’m finding special little treasures for the inside. 
i can’t wait to teach you how to treat special things. and watch your brow furrow as you take great care to appreciate and respect them. i can. not. wait. for the day we get to give you this house and sneakily listen as you create beautiful play times with it. 

these are some other special things that are packed away for you. fabric, thread and yarn that has been lovingly worked with and cared for to create little heirlooms for you. 
such special gifts from new friends, old friends, family, and one that was created for you long before you were even a thought and given to you long after it’s creator has passed. 

you don’t know it yet, sweet lady, but we’re going to have the time of our lives growing up. your mama went to school to learn how to teach you, train you, raise you and play with you. it’s what i was born to do. i already have quite the mess of tools collected. and all kinds of things to make these silly tools pretty. some nights, while you’re nursing and i’m staring down at your big blue eyes i dream about what those days will be like. introducing you to rain puddles. creating elaborate games together. cooking culinary masterpieces for your papa. giving makeovers to your puppy. learning how to dance with no rules. 
these thoughts are what make mornings like today, when your very first size 1 diaper fits, acceptable. 
you’re growing sweet girl. today you’re one day + five weeks and tomorrow you’ll be even bigger. 
not a minute goes by wasted. i love loving you. 

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