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month by month template

i’ve added a square template at the bottom if you want to post your final piece to instagram without editing. 
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hey guys! 
i’ve had so many compliments and requests for this template and i’m finally getting it posted for you all to use! it’s uploaded as a jpeg so you should be able to save it to your computer, import it into any photo/document editing software (i use photoshop and pages) and customize it. if you click the image it will open larger if you want a higher resolution for printing. i imagine the best/easiest way would be to import this template first, then layer your three images and text over the top. 
i’ve boxed out where i put zoey’s photos but if you find that you’d like to arrange yours differently and would like the white space to be blank, let me know and i’ll upload a new one! 
you’ve all probably seen mine by now, (zoey’s month by months) but i put the month in the white banner, write a little update on what’s going on in our life, any milestones or funny stories from that month, add 3 photos and wha-la! i’ve sort of coordinated her photos with a holiday or event happening that month. decorating a house is fun, but personally i think decorating babies is even better πŸ˜‰ 
i’ve so so so enjoyed taking theses photos and putting them together this way. some months i’m a little late or stuck on an idea but i PROMISE you, i’m alway so glad i did it. 
i’d love to see the creative ways you use it! if you post it on a blog, leave a comment and link me! or you can tag me on facebook or on instagram @erinwakeman. maybe i’ll even post some of them (with your permission) so other mamas can have new ideas too. 
if you have any questions or problems using this please let me know! thanks so much for your interest, can’t wait to see what cute pictures you come up with for your littles! 
(the size i use for zoey)
(square template for instagram)

  • Ursula Boomsma - Thank you so much for posting this Erin! I have loved reading Zoey's Monthly updates and adored your template. I would like to use this template and make an album of photo and letters that I wrote to Paige during her first year. Once I find the time/complete this I would love to share it on my blog and credit your template with your blessing : ) Thanks again sweet friend.ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - aww you're so welcome, lady friend! ahh aren't you the sweetest. so excited your going to use this for baby P! definitely! share away and feel free to link/give credit! can't wait to see what gorgeous things you come up with πŸ™‚


  • Erikka H - Erin,
    Thanks so very very much for this! I have been loving your monthly photo posts! As much as I regret it, I didn't do anything of the sort. I did take monthly pictures, but i just love this idea!!! I'm going back to redo all of her month photo sessions in this template! I'm so excited and I will make certain to send you some of mine πŸ™‚ thanks again girl!ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - so sweet! thanks so much! ahh, yay! it's never too late and you'll never regret putting them together πŸ™‚ can't wait to see!!


  • Mrs. Austin - Thank you for sharing!! I'm going to use it for weekly bump pics to document pregnancy!!ReplyCancel

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