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living on a peninsula, we are in no shortage of gorgeous beaches. they all look a little different + offer something special and i’m embarrassed to admit how many times we visit our old faves instead of venturing out to a new spot! manchester is one of those favorites that I spent so much time at as a kid, running through the bunkers, throwing the sand dollars back. what is it about taking your own kids down your memory lane? the BEST.






untitled-8406when I was 16, let’s be honest, i was pretty dramatic about life and love. i had all kinds of plans about the guy I was going to marry and his qualifications. jake and I still laugh about my “man list” and where he differs from my slightly specific and unrealistic expectations. i mean, i still say set those standards high, ladies! but if he doesn’t have a foreign accent, maybe don’t hold it against him. my list was a little quirky in that it wasn’t as much about what he would look like but what we would do together. i wanted a guy who could hold his own on the basketball court and who would be friends with my siblings. and i really wanted a guy who could teach me to skip a rock. i have so many memories of camping as a kid and chucking rock after rock into rivers and lakes that only ever splashed and kerplunked. plus, it just seemed like it would be the world’s most romantic moment, right? straight out of a movie, if this perfect guy could finally be the one to teach me how. bonus points if it was in the moonlight. a few tried and failed and to this day i still can’t successfully skip a rock on command. but on one of our first camping trips when we were newly married, after just a few minutes with one arm around me and his hand over mine, i did it. once. really, he did it. my hand was just the rock holder. but it was such an eye opener for me. i instantly didn’t need to be great at it. i just needed to find someone who was great at the parts i wasn’t. and he was. he can skip all the rocks and i can make all the cookies. or do all the laundry. or whatever life would prove to be my niche. it wasn’t about what qualities he had. it was about the team we made when we were together. watching zoey pick out all the wrong rocks and watching him somehow skip them anyway reminded me of just that. going into this next season of life. i don’t need to have this all managed. because together? we’ve got this. hand over hand.







when you say erin you say fish and chips. okay, maybe not. but they’re a healthy part of my life and there’s no quicker way to my heart than a good crispy batter the perfect cole slaw. clearly, the Fish Hut window was a must try. and it did not disappoint. check out this view of seattle! it’s the perfect mix of worlds for us. chilling over here in the oceanside country, one ferry ride away from the excitement. wrap it all up with a chocolate milkshake + 3 straws and let’s do it all over again next Sunday.











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