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this new little toy came into our lives last night.
it’s crazy colorful.
you love it. you love to practice your sweet standing skills which usually warrants quite the impressive grunt.

oh, how timely.
today your mama woke up with an ache in her head. uh oh.
mama + migraine means creative parenting.
this little jumper means you still get to squeal and bounce while mama holds her head as still as possible.
that’s what we call a win-win.

you’ll notice that you are sporting a side drool.
it’s new.
i have this funny feeling that there wont be a photo of you for quiet some time without that little slobber sidekick.
pretty sure those two tiny bumps on that lower gum of yours are to blame. they haven’t caused too big a fuss yet, but teething comes with no guarentees.

i knew you’d change our world, zoeygirl.
i was banking on it.
we just thought it would be a bigger adjustment.
but your daddy and i both decided, it isn’t.

sick days look a little different then they used to.
hours of f*r*i*e*n*d*s + never leaving the covers now means sneaking in naps when you take yours.  joining you on the floor for tummy time. nursing + diaper changing from creative locations.
but it’s the kind of different we dreamed of. the best kind.

i’m no super woman. no special powers.
today’s mama has been brought to you by lots of grace and a healthy dose of chicken top ramen.
(the sick day soup of choice.)
lots of thanks, little zo, for being so understanding of your sick mama.
and all the extra mercy she’s needed today.

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