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lucas aaron reed

last month we traveled to missouri to meet this little man. 
my nephew. your cousin.
he was sweet enough to wait until we arrived to arrive. 
you rocked our world, zoey. 
now it’s this little guy’s turn to rock his.
sometimes when i’m laying in bed waiting to fall asleep
i dream of all the games you’ll play together. 
all the things you’ll teach him and the things he’ll teach you. 
all the memories you’ll make being sweet little friends
and maybe a little mischief too. 
there are 4 of you now, sweet girl.
1. you. 3. 4.
the next generation of our family.
tiny and little. 
still so much world to learn. 
welcome to our family, sweet Lucas. 
we’re so blessed to have you. 
your mama needs to be real great at sending us photos
until you’re close enough to kiss.  
grow big and strong tiny sir. 
so much love for you. 

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