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little zoey goes to the doctor

one month pediatric appointment.
september 17th two thousand twelve. 
that’s you baby! 
you are so brave at the doctor’s office. i think it helps that we really love your doctor.
i don’t know if we’ve talked about it yet, but your doctor is married to my doctor and bonus! they both love Jesus. (it’s sort of why we picked them. medical credentials were considered also. promise.)
here’s your stats as of monday.
10 pounds 12 ounces (72nd percentile)
22 inches long (70th percentile)
15 inch head circumference (77th percentile)
they gave you a little poke. just a booster from your birth.
the sweet nurse gave you a pink band-aid. you didn’t care. 
you were sad. but we cuddled and everything turned out okay. 
they have me fill out this form when they poke you. i get to write that word. 
it’s one of my favorite things. i still pause every time. mentally pinch myself. and then decide, yes. this is real life. 
i wonder how long that will last.
secretly, i hope i’m still pinching myself when i send you off to college.
being your mama is a dream. 
you’re a hit. everywhere we go people stare into your eyes and coo at you. 
you’re so kind, you rarely ever ask them to back off which is completely within your right. 
usually you give them a crazy face. or daddy’s scowl. 
but lately, you flash them your dimples. and lovie? let me tell you.
it’s cute. like, don’t-look-directly-at-it cute. 
you’re still growing big girl. 
yesterday made 6 weeks since you came out of me and into this big world.
i wonder what you think of it.
do we meet your expectations? can you tell how much we love you? 
it’s okay if you haven’t figured it out yet.
i’ll spend my whole life proving it to you. 

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