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little walks

sigh. we’re a family. and we get to do things as a family now.
like take little walks.
what is it about real life with you that just so… exactly like i’d always dreamed it would be.
this is real life, zoey. your life.
a mama and daddy who love you. who have a puppy that’s crazy and loves you too. 

 these are the same streets we walked every day until you were born. 
waiting for you. talking about you. dreaming about what you’d look like. what kind of parents we were going to be. you’ve walked these sidewalks before little love. practicing your kicks and wiggles. 
in the last days before you came home, we walked them really slow. i’d pause every few minutes to squeeze your daddy’s hand, close my eyes, breathe, and then take another step. 

sometimes i can’t believe this is our life.
i’m so overwhelmed by Jesus’ grace that’s been poured out on us. 
God is good all the time little one. and today we get to enjoy the very best fruits He has.

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