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little tummy

lots of babies don’t like tummy time. most like to lay down and stare up at you.

you, zo, are not that baby.

you would always prefer to sit over laying. and being on your tummy helps you see the world your way. it doesn’t surprise me for a minute that you were breach in my tummy. you’re very opinionated on the best view.

you love tummy time. your neck and arms are so strong for so little. I’m so very proud of you!

today is a special day

it’s a little early, but today makes 2 weeks since you came into our lives. right about now, two weeks ago, I felt the first twinge of physical proof that you were coming. it feels like yesterday. and a life time ago.

so thankful for you, baby zoey. I’ll never stop telling you. <3 br=”br”>

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