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little lessons.

little love.
there is something you should know about this life.
sometimes. well, lots of times.
your time won’t go as planned. 
friends call with urgent needs.
sweet babies need to be snuggled.
hard working husbands need to talk about their day. 
so things like giant piles of laundry patiently waiting to be folded pile up even higher.
and it’s okay.
that’s the way it should be. 
because we stop folding and pray for that friend in that moment.
we put down the towel and pick up the sweet, sad baby.
we quit multitasking to give our love undivided attention. 
we have responsibilities. don’t mishear me, they’re important. 
but they’re not what make up a full life.

people are what matter. 

but here’s the miracle. don’t miss it.
because it doesn’t stop there.
the friend goes about their day feeling blessed.
the baby falls asleep assured of mama’s love.
the husband goes back to work respected and appreciated.
and that laundry still needs folding.

but, by pure grace, life’s little responsibilities can become your greatest joy. 
at the end of a busy weekend here i sit.

staring at this giant pile of fabric and thread.
your daddy’s livelihood. 
the products of your many, daily wardrobe changes.
my simple t-shirts that slowly replace the fancy chiffons.
e.b. white, the author of my beloved charlotte’s web, once said,
“we should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy. 
even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.”

it’s here i find my joy.
because baby? this is the life i dreamed of.

sorting the laundry for the family i love.
knowing that by my hands, in His grace, you are cared for.
happy. safe. loved. 
by my hands, in His grace, your papa is served.
happy. safe. loved. 
so with every piece i fold i give a little thanks. 
thanks for each interruption to remind me what’s important. 
thanks for your daddy who works so hard to provide the clothes we get dirty.
thanks for fresh jammas after every warm bath i give you. 
and maybe mostly, thanks for a heart of thanksgiving by which the little daily tasks bring great joy. 
so here’s the bottom line.
the laundry can wait while life happens.
and people always come first. 
but when you do get around to it,
that pesky pile of laundry,
don’t let it steal your joy. find your joy in it.
and give thanks.

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