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little goodbyes

your daddy has a special job. a great job. he works with lots of ladies who love you. but every now and then he has to leave town for a few days to learn some new tricks and teach a little too. yesterday he left on a jet plane. but we do know when he’ll be back again. friday. just 3 more days. I think we can make it.
he had a few little hours with us yesterday until we drove him to the airport. you gave him lots of extra snuggles and smiles. it was very sweet of you to be resting your eyes when we dropped him off. i don’t think he could have done it. told your eyes goodbye.
I’m not sure he will have ever been as excited to get off an airplane as this time. to kiss your sweet cheeks.
we’re having fun, just us girls. but we’ll be very ready for him to come home. days are always better with daddy.


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