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san luis obispo, ca || late night beach run

a few weeks ago jake, zoey and i had the extreme honor, pleasure and blast of flying to the central coast for my best michele’s wedding to her kevin.
10 years of friendship. it’s milestones like these that make you stop. shake your head a little. and realize just how blessed you are. incredible.
if you follow me on instagram you’ve seen a few photos from our trip
but i brought along my big girl camera because i knew there would me nights like this one i would need to capture.
i’m pretty committed to enjoying every minute of vacations from the minute they start
aka -pull out of my driveway-
the airports. hotel check ins and exploration. driving around town. all of it.
ps.Β why do things like renting a car in a different state make you feel so grown up?
day one in california was incredible.
we drove up highway 101 along the coast and oh. my word.
pretty sure jake got a tiny bit sick of my gasping.
we live in a gorgeous state of the country, but it doesn’t stop me from being completely overwhelmed by the beauty in yours.
the coastline? the vineyards? the palm trees?
after a quick nap, the most amazing sushi dinner and our second californian target visit of the day
(targets are tourist locations, you didn’t know?)
we headed back to the hotel.
until we saw the sign for avila beach.
i knew what i was getting myself into. my best has lived here and loved it for 2 years.
i know all about it.
we were going.
i may or may not have woken my baby to take photos in the warm beachy air.
but she forgives quickly.
plus, all she’ll remember are these smiles.

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