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it’s getting serious

it’s getting real serious guys. we have real walls. 
zoey’s a little confused, not quiet sure what happened to her playground.
why aren’t there sweet photos of that little girl running around this time, you ask? 
because it’s a gigantically beautiful, dusty, muddy mess! 
holding room only for tiny babies until we can shop vac our hearts out.
we’re getting so close to the last leg of this sweet trip. 
one more week and it’ll be time for flooring. trim. cabinets. paint.
everything is picked out. every garage owned by someone who shares my genes is full of treasures waiting to be installed. 
one is completely full of boxes of ikea cabinets alone. 
who’s up for a cabinet assembly party? non-inhibition lowering beverages provided! 
i’m ready. we’re ready. we’re so close. it’s getting hard to be patient. 
but so. ridiculously. thankful. 

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