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homespiration: (kitchen)

this is the kitchen we’re creating.
little pieces from inspiration like this.
it’s tricky to create a space around the life you want to happen inside of it.
you have to get it right.
somehow, we have to create a space in this room that will do many things.
evolve. inspire. grow. comfort. cultivate. teach.

we need to create a space that melds things and people together.
purchased with created.
homegrown with saved up for.
old with new.
earth with light.

that by day will see poofs of flour.
stacks of notebook paper.
egg shells. crayon wrappers. post its.
and it will be beautiful.

by night will see glasses of water.
ice cream from the carton while sitting on the counter.
last minute preparations for tomorrow.
moonlight through the skylight.
and it will be beautiful.

a space that’s so special you respect it.
but so comfortable you feel home.
a perfect place for a handful of dandelions.
special spots for works of art.
spaces for standing and laughing.
for pouring and dicing.

many a holiday will happen here.
but every day will feel like a holiday here.

light wont be hard to find.
friends wont want to leave.
wisdom will be shared and heard.
dishes will be washed while
littles play out the window.

this is our kitchen. do you see why its tricky?
let’s not rush it.
years of touches will make it perfect.
we just have to create the right canvas.

  • Km - I would NEVER leave a kitchen like this!!!!!!! ReplyCancel

    • erin faye - that's the goal!! πŸ™‚ maybe it'll be ready to serve you yummy treats when you come back to do the FAIR!ReplyCancel

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