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halloween 2014


these two! halloweens with them are such a blast! and basically an excuse for kate and I to get as creative and crafty at someone else’s expense possible. ha! did you miss our 2013 family costumes? so good. we have a goal of doing group looks every year because there’s something so fun about mom and dad dressing up too! we failed this year, waaah waaah. but i have high hopes for 2015.

this years costumes were extra special since it’s not the first time they’ve been worn. my mom and aunt made 99% of all 6 of us cousins costumes every year growing up! and these little native numbers were originally made for my brother + cousin who are now 34. so sweet! i’ll have to scrounge up a photo to post of them in these 30 years ago. kate and I added a few accessories to round out the look, the yarn wig, the beaded boots + necklace and the feather headdresses.

I think it makes this holiday for them so much more fun while they’re this young, dressing up to match. it can a little nerve wracking for them, but seeing the other one do it too usually helps them get right in character. i already can’t wait for what 2015 will bring!


with these guys being little we have to get a little creative with our trick or treating choices. finding safe places that start before it’s pitch black can be a little tricky. our local A&W puts on a great little trunk-or-treat offering and it wasn’t crowded or overwhelming for them at all. we hit up a local church who also did a trunk-or-treat (apparently that’s the thing now? i’m in, it’s pretty great) and the kids had a blast until it got too cold and the buckets got too heavy. then it was back to the cars for pretzels and mom+dad candy thievery.

jake had his heart set on a little door-to-door action so we went back to our neighborhood and hit a few houses and neighbors that we love. it was maybe the best part of the night, finally getting to just let the kids run down the empty street, so excited to knock on the next door. i didn’t think i would get as into it as i did, but it was a blast! and jake and i even walked away with a trick-or-treat vintage piano our sweet neighbor was giving away on their front porch. score much? all in all, top night. can’t wait for more years and more babies to dress up!





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