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green carpet?

so. winter has been a unwelcome house guest around these parts lately.
you love it. but at some point, it’s time to go.
but these last few weeks there have been a few days of peaking sunshine.
usually you’re napping.
or a realtor has just called and said they’ll be over in 7 minutes.
so we don’t get to soak it up or enjoy any of it’s shining glory.
but this day the sunbeams aligned. 
so we bundled up all cute like. and headed out onto our tiny front lawn.
so that i could photograph you on grass for the very first time. 
i’m sure our neighbors were thrilled with the sight of me. 
in your daddy’s hoodie. yoga pants. and rain boots. 
a knot on the top of my head. 
crouched down low. 
rolling around in the grass on my stomach. 
all in our 10’x10′ baby lawn. 
just so i didn’t miss the moment. 
and i’m oh so glad i didn’t.
look at that face. 
that little furrowed brow.
as you discover. touch. investigated. 
what the heck.
green carpet?
maybe. maybe something new. 
you weren’t sold yet. not so sure you wanted to face plant in it. 
but we’ll get more sun. and more chances to fall in love. 
look for bugs. eat a few blades. 
if nothing else, get a few more dynamite photos.
of you, learning all about nature, with those little hands. 
those little eyes.
so precious to my heart. 

  • Anonymous - Completely beautiful, the words and the photos. Thanks for sharing!

    Megan (megnstarr IG)ReplyCancel

  • erin faye - thank you so much Megan!! following you now πŸ˜‰ ReplyCancel

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