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what do i have to say to you?
quite the incredible year.
so many smiles. 
in fact, an entire iphone maxed out with smiles.
(no seriously, i deleted my complete music library to make more room. priorities.)
some of your days, i got absolutely nothing done.
like today, i’ve taken every one of zoey’s naps with her. 
productivity at it’s finest.
other days have been spent loving people.
learning new things.
feverishly cleaning my house for yet another showing. 
i’m a little tired, 2012. i can imagine you are too. 
but we’ve had a great year. one for the books.
tonight you go to bed for one final time. 
putting to rest 365 days.
how do you account for them all? 
how do you not let them just pass you by?
i’m a little bit reminded of a song i love.
so much so that when i play it on the piano, i get so excited
that i speed it up exponentially.
by the time i reach the end i’m out of breath and usually crying.
because the words, well, they’re just super true. 
– – – – – 
five hundred twenty-five thousand
six hundred minutes.
five hundred twenty-five thousand
moments so dear.
five hundred twenty-five thousand
six hundred minutes,
how do you measure, measure a year?
in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee,
in inches, in miles, in laughter and strife. 
it’s time now to sing out
though the story never ends
let’s celebrate, remember a year 
in the life of friends
remember the love
remember the love
seasons of love
– – – – – 

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