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for you.

oh zo. the things i do for you. already. 
sewing has never been my favorite. 
your grandma tried to teach me when i was little.
your auntie kate was a natural. 
your mama? not so much. 
i liked paper. still do. 
you can measure paper. perfectly.
paper doesn’t wiggle and stretch. 
but mini girl, turns out if it’s a project for you?
i like sewing a whole lot more. 
so i made you these. some burp cloths. 
it’s a little crazy to think in 3 short months i might snap a photo of you
and one of these might make a cameo. 
(in fact, i’ll make a point of it.) 
you are 28 weeks big this week.
twelve short weeks to go. 
oh the dreams i dream about you… 
i super want to know what you’ll look like. 
i wish you could give me just a little hint.
(if you get to choose, try to look like your daddy. trust me.) 
for now i’ll just keep making things to wrap you in.
and pretty bows for your headbands.
and even pretty cloths to wipe up dribbles. 
(i bet even your dribbles are cute…) 
love you z. 

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