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finding little hands

for about a week now you’ve been noticing that there are some special gadgets at the end of your arms. 
yup, hands. 
you’ve chewed on them, sucked on them, studied them and scowled at them. 
but yesterday, i was working on a computer project and you were sitting in
that bouncy seat covered in way too much pink. 
all of a sudden i heard the silly little tune the dangling toy plays when pulled. 
sure enough, that little hand had a firm grasp. 
not once. not twice. but over and over again. 
it’s not funny yet. it’s mostly just curious. 
don’t worry, you’ll get there. 
last night we spent many many minutes playing with those new hands.
for so many weeks you’ve studied my face. smiled at it. been comforted by it.
and finally those hands touched my cheeks. squished my lips. honked my nose. 
they’re still a little shakey, but we’ve got time.
those hands. sticky with drool. chubby with dimples. 
so thankful for those two tiny, perfect hands. 

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