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fall city, wa || tree house point


yes. this does look like we traveled to Neverland and slept in a treehouse with the lost boys. we’re all thinking it, this place is magical! i think sometimes I get so used to where we live, surrounded by and covered in green, that I don’t see it for quite as gorgeous as it is until I play back photos like this. iiiii meeeeean. if you ever wondered what Washington mountain forests look like in the spring, there ya go.

almost 7 years ago (!!) my family surprised jake and I with a 2 night stay at Tree House Point in Fall City, Washington as a gift for our first wedding anniversary. can i just say – – best gift ever! not only did they send us to green paradise, but such good timing! one year in, the dust of the wedding craze has started to settle, real life has definitely knocked on your door and if you’re anything like we were, you’re probably a little broke + happily married babies. we sooo needed an escape from life + wifi.

well, 7 years later, we were ready for a repeat. if you’ve ever caught an episode of Tree House Masters you have an idea of where we stayed but sleeping in a treehouse is an experience you can’t have through the tv! there are 6 tree houses currently built at this location, with 2 more under construction (one of which will be fully wheelchair accessible!) with only a handful of treehouse hotels in the country, we feel pretty lucky to live under 2 hours away from this one!



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as an adults-only retreat, this was a no babies allowed trip. (kids 13+ are welcome!) Jake has left us girls overnight many times for work but I had never left either of the girls for longer than daylight hours! leaving Zoey was cute. sad! but cute. she pretty much kicked me out the door when Grandma showed up for a girl party sleepover. but Quinn, ahh! so little and tiny and all the mama feels that I didn’t think would hit me completely hit me. I was teary from our driveway to the freeway. but once we hit the open road, found a little sun + 2 americanos + the hand of the guy who started it all, I was super ready.

for our first anniversary, our family put us up in Temple of the Blue Moon. there’s a tree growing up right through the middle! the suspension bridge maybe terrified me at first, being a baby about heights, but it’s the only way to your bed 🙂 it really is the neatest thing! for this trip, we stayed in Bonbibi, which is gorgeous. it is smaller, just big enough to fit a queen bed with some room for your luggage + and the cutest hot beverage nook. but when you wake up with the sun, birds and trees surrounding you from the comfort of a cozy mattress and plenty of heat + electricity, smaller feels juuuust right. we toured a few more treehouses and here’s my insider scoop – – if you’re coming with kids, stay in Upper Pond! a queen bed + sitting nook on the floor with two singles in a loft above and plenty of room to scoot around inside, it’s a family friendly dream! September 2029, we’re coming for you.


we snuck out to Fall City Roadhouse for dinner and holy smokes. appetizers with drinks and eating hot meals with long conversation never tasted so good. no bouncing babies might have had something to do with it. jake’s cute waving photo was from touching base with my mom and the kids 🙂 Zoey’s favorite thing to do is text long emoji letters when either of us is away! we were equally parts soaking up our grown-up bonding time + missing the crap out of our kids.


                ^^^ Upper Pond!


the Raging River runs right under 2 of the treehouses along the back of the property. if you follow me on snapchat you may have see me fall in it trying to jump across to a little rock island *covered eye emoji!* ps. i officially retract all the eyeball rolling i did over snapchat! such a fun and easy and CASUAL platform. i’ve had the best time documenting real life a lot faster and little bit messier over there. i’m erinwakeman over there too if you want to follow along.

Treehouse Point puts out the best morning spread in the main lodge. quiches + bagels with lox and capers + fruit + yummy, sweet breakfast bread + really great coffee. all the folks staying in all the different treehouses come together to eat + meet at a giant 16′ long table that runs down the center of the lodge. it’s the best! we met couples from all over the world. jake and i both have a crush on hearing people’s stories and it’s one of our favorite parts of traveling around.


we didn’t dawdle long in the morning, we were ready to hustle home to our babies. but so refreshed + rejuvenated. you just really don’t know how much you needed time away with your best friend until you do it and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner for our first baby-less getaway. we do our absolute best to only recommend what believe in, tried and true, and we genuinely add Treehouse Point to that list. if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a backdrop for a lush family adventure, please look them up! super special thank you to Damon and the whole team at Treehouse Point! we appreciate you!


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