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dvd beautification project

reposted from 2011.

a project that’s an oldie but a goodie, especially today when it takes 3 seconds to stack 6 dvd binders into a 1/4 box instead of an hour to pack 250 cases into multiple boxes!

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here’s the project i’ve been up in my ears to since tuesday.

just for a little preview, here’s the after -aka- the end table shelf in my living room:

but since you can’t fully appreciate the after until you’ve seen the before:

^ that ^ is the best photo representation i have of what the wakeman dvd collection looked like up until 3 days ago. 1 giant bookcase + 250ish dvds = one giant, unorganized, un-color-coordinated panic attack.
so on tuesday, with no inspiration, no real game plan and no materials, i set out to free our lives of this digtal mess.
i started by splitting our collection up into categories that made sense for us:
1. my chick flicks
2. jake’s man movies
3. our shared comedies
4. tv series
5. children’s movies
6. workout dvds/miscellaneous 
then. i alphabetized each category. one of my all time favorite hobbies.  
i ended up discovering my old cd collection and it’s copious amounts of cd sleeves. so taking the plunge for a longer project, i copied the rest of my cd’s into my itunes collections & shipped them off to electronic recycling leaving me with the perfect solution for my dvds.  
i have this thing with movie artwork. as in i love it. it makes me sad when some of the dvds are blank and lonely. also, it makes them significantly harder to identify in this new filing system. so for these dvds, i took out it’s paper case sleeve, trimmed it down to size, inserted it in front of the dvd & voila! 
here’s the dvd graveyard that i was left with…
oh, but what to do with all these empty dvd cases… 
i donated mine to becca of Lady & Gent Photography who took all these bad boys off my hands.  
she’s going to pop in her branding label and use them to give clients their photo disks. 
now, they look like this!
on most days out of the week, i would rather watch an episode from an old favorite tv show then a movie i’ve never seen.
with just a few of these sheet protectors, this entire tv series was condensed to well over 1/8th of its original size. plus? so much easier to access. 
my good and faithful friend Target has these cute & colorful 3 ring binders out for back to school right now. I picked up one for each of my dvd categories and a few extra’s for tv series and video games/workout dvds
here’s the final result!
I store these binders in own of my side tables in the living room so they are easy to access all while adding a little extra color pop to the room
  • Ashley Brickner - Love, love this idea!!! I can't stand all the clutter of the DVDs! Thanks for sharing!


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