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don’t forget ’em.

(a few little iphone moments this week that are too good to forget) 
1. the pantone ‘pick a color’ stand off every time we shop at lowes 2. finally sampling extra special beans from my famous roasting cousin in brooklyn 3. five minutes on this trampoline is a new daily 4. practicing the perfect selfies 5. sampling summer in april 6. jellyfish snuggles 7. back porch books and cuddles 8. fresh herbs in thrifted pots 9. my coffee saving coconut grace 10. hay field turned back yard +  flip flop dirt lines 11. first baby bella snuggles since her first day 12. backyard blooms 13. diaper days and kiddie pools 14. days that daddy goes in late are our fav 15. from girlfriends to mama friends 16. ‘i push in the boat mommy! i do it!’ 

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