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december at the new house

it’s officially winter at the new house. the only green left is from the pine trees and holly. 
red noses are part of the work uniform. sunny, windy days are here. i have to be honest. it’s maybe my favorite season of this house yet. 
even with bare stud walls, walking inside feels cozy. it’s not that much warmer really, and it might just be my imagination. 
but these 4 walls already bring my heart such joy.  
paint colors are being tested.
siding is being hung.
measurements are being taken. 
electricity, heating and plumbing are no longer distant dreams. 
it’s so beautiful here. 
there are holly groves on 2 sides of the property. even without a tree or lights, it’s Christmas here.
baby trees are popping up all over the backyard with pink flags to save them from the mower. 
oh the swings and forts that will happen here… 
we built this house around windows. as many as the codes and laws would let us fit.
there is something so peaceful about a well lit life. especially in the northwest where the sun is shy and the clouds are friendly, it can get dreary here. but even rain and fog are beautiful through big windows. 
every day gets a little closer. it’s so easy to see life happening here. i never dreamed that to build your home around your life would be so fulfilling. so rewarding. it’s beautiful. and i’ll miss it a little. embracing every step we make. 

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