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day of thanks 2012

and with the ending of halloween, so begins the holiday festivities. 
there’s a lot of preperation that goes into the grateful day & together
we braved the tuesday-before-thanksgiving crowd to gather all our supplies. 
you spent the first half of our shopping trip bright eyed and alert at all the bustle.
you’re fantastic at distracting people from their shopping list. not excluding your mama. 
the second half was full of sugar plum dreams. 
you were quite unimpressed this year. 
amazing and ever so cooperative. but a little unimpressed.

you need to know zoeygirl. holiday’s tend to take over. 
the world would have us be so busy being prepared, we forget why we’re praparing. 
its okay to stop. take breaks. and remember. 
grammie helped with the early morning turkey fixings.
and mama made a little fallish greenery to adorn the center of our table. 

of course there needed to be a little gold tutu to decorate the cutest baby. 

daddy’s whole family whole family made the trip down to spend this speical holiday with us.
so thankful. 

the table’s dressed.
ready. set. eat. 

such a great day with so many people you love. 
.thanksgiving 2012. 

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