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cereal + sippies + spoons oh my!

a new year and already a new exciting challenge. 
december 23rd was your first taste at a high chair, spoon and rice cereal. 
and you loved. it.
i think it may be a little ridiculous how excited your daddy and i are to walk you through these milestones. 
but no ever said ridiculous was wrong. 
we decided he got to give you your first bite and i got to shoot the photos. 
its okay really, i’m getting pretty great at experiencing your experiences through my lens. 
since that first try at solids we’ve mastered a few others.
sweet potato and pears are your favorites so far. 
green beans you don’t love, but you humor me. 
making your meals is maybe my favorite part of the day.
(i’m catching on that everything might be my favorite. i’m okay with that)
there’s something sweetly beautiful about buying fresh produce, chopping, steaming, blending. 
knowing that you’re getting only the best for your tiny tummy. 
your daddy and i both giggle when you sip water out of your fancy straw. 
you’re great at it. no learning curve necessary. 
it’s working zo.
this baby-mama relationship. 
you’re growing. every day it amazes me. 
some days i dont notice. but others, today, my eyes step back and take you in.
you’re astounding. 
you never stop learning. watching. expressing. 
every morning you wait for me to wake up so you can show off new tricks. 
spoons and sippy cups have become a part of our day.
these silly little items i once purchased on a shelf that felt to surreal to need. 
and now i wipe them and your messy face clean three times a day. 
rewarded with the tiniest tip of a tooth peeking out of the biggest smile. 
oh this life.
again i’ll pretend that i can’t get more thankful.
but you and i both know by now, tomorrow will prove me so wrong. 

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