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camera roll catch up


snugging on baby syd and big sister practice + orbit making my mail dreams come true and my UPS driver hate me even more (yikes face!)


new birthday scooters from Grandma! we need lessons + making s’mores inside because of the dang burn ban that i just had to call and confirm.


coloring to get through extra innings at jake’s softball game + crazy cool (and a little creepy) bunkers at manchester!


summer swings for dayzzz + live mannequin show at dad’s work!


who needs to scoot when you can ponder + big sister 101 around the dining room (“green means go, red means STOOOP!”)


prettiest birthday watercolors from auntie chele + bumping and folding tiny laundry at 35 weeks


window coloring over chandler nose art + cousin shenanigan pacts on the jackson park trails

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