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scooter || sandals || hair bows

why does scooting around on a jr razor make this girl look like she’s ready to go to 1st grade? my mom and I saw a tiny toddler flying around on a scooter at one of jake’s softball games before zo’s birthday and thought maybe zo was ready to handle one. we found this little pink number and asked jake to assemble it for us. if only i had recorded the squeals that came from her tiny self when she accidentally discovered jake putting it together (oops!) the morning of her birthday. “a scooooooter?! of my very ooooown?!” i think she hugged it for 60 seconds straight before riding it around the dining room table 489 times.

if all you needed to fly around on a scooter was heart alone, this girl would be unstoppable. her face gets so determined, center of gravity way too low, alllll business. but alas, it’s still besting her with the one foot stand, one foot push complexities. she maybe made it 7 feet down the boardwalk before taking a break to peek through the rails for jellies, walk down the ‘balance beam’ and sing hear heart out, all things she boasts much more confidence in. but don’t you worry, you pesky little scooter. she’s coming for you. and one of these days, i won’t be able to keep up.


  • EHayes - That little face! Love it. Both my girls love their scooters, they are definitely the most used outdoor toy.ReplyCancel

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