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these are the doors

here it is today, zo.
novemeber 2013. 
here are the walls, and the roof and the boards. all coming together to be your home. 
in go the doors today. 
the doors that your neighbor friends will knock on to invite you to play.
the doors you might try to sneak back into a little too late one night. 
the doors that will always be open to friends in need of prayer, laughter or just a warm muffin. 
your daddy’s daddy came to help with this part. boy, are we thankful for him. 
when it’s done, this house. it will have been built the way we hoped it would be.
with hands of those who love you. with skills of those who will teach us. 
and with hearts of those who will be with us forever. 
these are the doors we’ll lock to protect you. 
the ones we’ll shut to keep you warm. 
the ones that will keep the danger out and invite the love in.
this home already has life, sweet zo. 
so much is done, still a little to go. 

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