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blackberry baby turns 2

oh my sweet, sweet girl. 2? really? it’s already here? i may or may not have stayed up the night before your birthday and scrolled through old photos of baby you. like the ones of your 4 month old doctor check up with your tiny, silky smooth baby rolls. and the easter i dressed you up in the worlds cutest, furry bunny coat and you won over hearts everywhere. and i may or may not have balled (read: ugly cried) on your daddy for a solid half hour. life is so. so. good with you. 2 whole years of you. 
you are the heart and soul of our sweet little family. these have been the most precious 2 years of your daddy and my life to date! being married was really good. but this? adding you? no comparison. we are the most blessed. 
we threw a little blackberry brunch to commemorate your undying love for all things berry. thank goodness half our property is covered in blackberries or you would eat us out of house and home. so many sweet talents were given to your day! your aunty kate will always be the queen of cake. 
we had to do it zo. we saw it on the shelf. at walmart. all pink and cheesy. but i knew you’d love it as if it was the most precious treasure you’d ever seen. and you do.  for now you like pushing it as much, if not more, than riding it. but thats okay. we be the police patrol for your hot pink motor parade with pride. 
perfect day. ending with happy, content, birthday cuddles on the couch. and pony stashes. 
happiest number 2 birthday babe! we love love love you! 

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