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be back soon, gone to the beach.

when you live on a peninsula, there is always a never ending supply of perfect beaches that you’ve never seen just around the corner. they’re even sweeter when old friends text and ask if you want to meet them for a morning breather. 
do you have those moments? the ones where you want to say yes but your head is full of all the reasons in the world to say no? I’ve never been there and it would take effort to find it. I look like I just rolled out of bed even though its 10:30 am. it’s a long drive. I should probably do some chores around the house. please say it’s not just me? why do we let the silliest reasons in the world separate us from connecting and building the very relationships we crave?
thank goodness my senses overcame me that morning and I just said yes. bed head and all, I couldn’t miss the chance to hug and be hugged. I think maybe the times when it’s hard to say yes reward in some of the biggest blessings. 
Sabrina is the kind of friend you pray for. the ones who pursue you in the most intentional of ways. I’ve watched her be single, get married, be pregnant and now mama to the sweetest 7 month old babe with leg rolls to lust over, and she flourishes in every season. 
it doesn’t get more real than this. deep conversations with lighthearted moments, freedom to break off to run after your little who is now waist deep in the Sound, sharing snacks in the sand, big and little girls who love each other and truth nuggets to think about for weeks. 
Jake and I are both so thankful for the Bjornstads and the role they play in our hearts and lives. we miss them so very much, being farther away now than we would choose, but we will choose to say yes. even when life tries to get in the way. because the best relationships don’t come easy, and this is one of the very best. 

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