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backyard movie night

we’ve been waiting for weeks for the perfect night to test out the drive in movies with zoey. the stars have yet to align between schedules and weather. but since jake was out of town for a few days fishing, us girls decided make use of a impromptu gorgeous evening to stage a little practice in our backyard. i’d been waiting for a special occasion to watch her first movie together and this night + the infamous frozen was it. the absolute cutest. a few blankets, pillows, some of our favorite snacks and we were set.

oh, this stage. this season is so full of life. so much chatting and learning and experiencing. so much personality and free will and opinion. it’s like having a tiny girlfriend around, all day everyday. life is just so much more fun with a zoey. she made it about 20 minutes into Frozen, yaknow, all the fun songs. then running away with the popcorn bucket bare foot through the grass seemed like a better idea. and i’m okay with that. “chase me mama?” might be the 3 most common words heard around our house these days. if 2 is anything like almost 2, we’re in for another year of sweet charm and big personality. so blessed. 

can you handle these yogas? coziest little pant from My Mila. whenever she wears them she says, “like yours, mama?” yes sweet girl, except mine are severely lacking in cuteness compared to yours. diaper bum under a fold over jersey waistband is apparently my krytponite.  

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